Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The fourth case study about wrapping artists, Christo and Jean-Claude

The last case study seemed hardest for me, mainly because the idea of making huge temporary environmental installations with loads of money felt like a total waste of time and money. Well, maybe I somehow understood part of this, and in fact, it already seems like a pretty good business. The case study is available here.

The first thing that felt strange in this, was the actions of banks. How could the artists acquire a line of credit for this kind of things? But after I started to think the case more, it seems like the banks were the winners. For example, The Bank Leu, that financed The Gates installation, gave a lot of additional value to its clients and gained a lot of fame in addition to polishing its image.

Well anyways, the artworks look nice and the installations are breathtaking. Some of these can be seen from Christo's and Jean-Claude's website.

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