Saturday, November 11, 2006

Individual readings for the course (business, open source and creative commons)

Just case studies and some discussion around it is not enough for this course. In parallel with the case study work each student has some individual readings. I felt like I would like to read about open source and creative commons, after all those were the main issues that made me participate this course. I'm also interested in open source and web 2.0 business models. How do you make money from it? Who has your money and how do you get it from them?

So from these viewpoints I found three different books. First one was from our course instructors, The Creative Economy: How people make money from ideas by John Howkins. This was just the kind of practical book that give a simple examples and explanations on how to start from an idea and make it profitable.

The other two books are about open source and creative commons. The other is written by Lawrence Lessig, who is strongly encouraging people to publish their writings under creative commons licence. He also does as he preaches, so the book, Free culture, is also available for free from the website. The second one is more interesting from my point of view. This is written by Henrik Ingo, who used to work at the same company I'm currently working and also is my friend's brother. He published Avoin Elämä in April 2005 and it's currently also available in English.

So next task is to read a bit and try to find a common ground for these different books and try to learn something new about creativity and how open source helps it and business. Hopefully I'll have time to write something during next week. Maybe I'll start with the creative commons and apply it with my blog...

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