Saturday, November 11, 2006

Second case study about Apple iPod

After a busy week at work I finally have some time to do some tasks related to Managing Dynamics course portfolio. So here's the second case study about Apple iPod. I have to admit that I'm not sure what is the extremely creative part about Apple iPod, but it may be because I think creativity as being something the creators of the product have and not as the course instructors who encourage us to think that the creativity comes from customers using it in creative ways. I guess I'll need to meditate on this for a while. :)

Well, anyways. I feel like Apple iPod is in trouble. Very much competition and mobile phones with better and better digital music players makes everything hard. The trend is toward higher convergence. Meaning that the iPods as just digital music players will disappear and convergent devices with mobile phones, digital music players, games and Internet connections will take over. At least from my view this seems to be the most logical future view.

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