Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scrapbook and interesting pages

In addition to case studies and reflections on them, a portfolio should contain also interesting articles and news showing a bit what you have been studying and reading during the course. This also gives the portfolio a little bit of your own personality.

I figured out that I could follow the same practices as with the case studies and use web 2.0 tools for collecting links and articles. So I'll add related links to my page with managing_dynamics tag and as a scrapbook I'll use my Flickr page where I'll scan articles that seem to be interesting in some way. Just listing the interesting articles etc. isn't enough, so I'll try to write some thoughts on the articles and link them on this blog too.

Hmm, using Flickr as a scrapbook seemed like a great (and creative) idea. Something that Flickr is not meant to be used for, but the customers are creative enough to use it for that. After a quick search on Flickr, I have to admit that I'm not the most creative person. But hey, there's only 11 497 pictures found with "scrapbook" word...

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