Saturday, November 11, 2006

Creative way to market through YouTube

YouTube has been discussed a lot lately because Google bought it and, at least in Finland, because some broadcasters are considering suing YouTube and the people uploading their content to the pages. I shortly touched this subject on "Creativity and business" post. Furthermore, marketing on YouTube was also considered with an example from a smaller Finnish broadcaster SubTV and its new comedy series. Now there is a short interview (in Finnish) of SubTV's On-Air Promotion Editor, Tapio Haaja uploaded on Youtube:

To translate the idea: The idea was to add few clips to YouTube and then write on bigger Finnish internet forums something like: "I found accidentally these clips from a new comedy series. Looks pretty good." After a while almost 100 000 people (a lot of people on Finnish scale) had seen those clips. So with this simple idea to use these new tools creatively, the company made a very successful and effective marketing campaign with almost zero budget. Extremely good example on blue ocean thinking, lower costs and better results together.

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