Friday, June 08, 2007

XP 2007 in Como, Italy

I'm quite excited currently. Only a bit over week till the start of XP2007 conference. The program looks great and I'm hoping to hear lots of new ways to adopt agile methodologies in to different kind of organizations.

Also I'm looking forward to meeting new people all over the world and discuss the cultural differences between different countries and how these differences affect the SW engineering. Who knows what kind of new ideas pops into mind when you're with such people like in agile conferences. Lots of professional people with creative and exploratory mindsets.

Scrum and XP together

A colleague of mine had found a great case study about how Scurm and XP are used in anonymous SW company in Stockholm. This paper called Scrum and XP from the trenches - How we do Scrum by Henrik Kniberg is a good introduction to usage of XP and Scrum and a great example on one way to use these together.

I found it especially useful because the down to earth grip on methodologies, practical insights and taking in to considerations both the technical and the business side. This all in about 100 pages of easy to read and entertaining text. Also Henrik's blog is a blog worth visiting.