Saturday, October 21, 2006

More visitors for Managing Dynamics blog (Part 1)

For this afternoon I thought I should reserve some time to work a bit more with my blogging business :). So I started with Google, as usually people who want some visitors on their pages do. Google Webmaster central seemed like a correct place to start growing organic visibility of my blog in Google. Well, after submitting my sitemaps and pages to Google, I still couldn't find my blog from Google. Darn.

Reading a bit more carefully through the webmaster help at Google popped new thoughts of marketing this blog. First of all, lists of blogs. A quick search resulted a few interesting lists (e.g. Technorati) which all seemed to need a new blog on their list. So after quick registrations and blog addings there was few links to Managing Dynamics blog! \o/

Still, I felt like my target audience would not find me. So I decided to search for some tips on how to make blogs popular. One very interesting one was the lenses at Squidoo. There was even a free e-book on how to get more traffic on websites with lenses. After reading through that, I was determined that the thing I was missing is a lens. Again in 10 minutes my blog was easier to find, thanks to Managing Dynamics lens. Now, after 1 hour of intensive marketing campaign, I will let Google's webcrawlers do their job and add this blog into Google index. And then it's time to start waiting for income from advertisements. :)

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