Monday, October 16, 2006

Everything has a beginning


I'm Tomi and I thought that I should start blogging. I have had these thoughts for a long time. Well now it finally happened, I started my own personal blog. This didn't happen by incident, this started when a need and my interests met. The need was (or is) the assignment in a course called Managing dynamics: Creative content business at Turku School of Economics. The assignment is a portfolio containing completed smaller assignments and the lessons that I have learned during the course.

So why a weblog? First of all blogging has been an interesting phenomen to follow. I love to read blogs and I've always thought that I should write something too. That something was the problem. Now I have a subject so that problem is solved. Second reason for starting a blog is my interest in Web 2.0 based services (or should I say applications). Many of these are changing the content driven business as the consumers a producers and consumers of the content at the same time. I figured out that doing everything on this course through a web application would bring a nice little addition for this portfolio and would make my work a lot more interesting. Also this makes me a content producer. I guess I will be the only consumer too, in addition to lecturers of the course. :)

So this blog will be the spine of the portfolio. I guess the smaller assignments I will write with Google docs and publish a link to them in here. I'll save the interesting pages to my own bookmark collection at and hopefully manage to create some graphical content to be displayed in Flickr. Nice services with interesting business models behind them all.

I'll try not to take too technology oriented viewpoint but rather i'll try to concetrate on the business side of content as the course objective is. And between the lines, I shall take a role of technology evagelist promoting the best possible solutions. :)

So this is my starting point for the course and for my own content creation business. Who knows where this experiment leads and what will I gain from it. 4 credits from the course would be a nice starter.

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