Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Google Chrome OS: A new interesting announcement

So, now it's official. Google is taking on Microsoft in operating systems. Google announced that it is developing a Google Chrome OS, an open source lightweight operating system aimed for net books and other low end devices.

It is quite simple system. A Google chrome web browser running on top of Linux kernel and a custom windom manager. Applications are basically implemented in web based techniques and work for all standard browsers on any platform. The OS runs both on ARM and x86 based platforms and makes it possible to use it in multiple different embedded devices as well as on net books.

Google emphasizes that Chrome OS and Android are two different products, as it has been rumored that Android will be used on net books too.

As a happy user of Google Android Dev Phone I feel like the new Chrome OS is something that makes me love net books even more. I'm happy with my Eee PC, but not as happy as with Android and I feel like the OS is making the difference. If Google reaches the same level with Chrome OS as it has reached with Android... I hope so as we need better user experiences at low cost to innovate more effectively in future.

This is also good news for companies like IT Mill, that develops a toolkit for web application development. Go guys!

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