Monday, February 16, 2009

Now anyone can publish a book

I just found my way to a service that I had nearly forgotten. I've thought of writing a book that gives an easy and simple explanation on what agile development is about and why it is something everyone in software development industry should be familiar with. The easiest way to publish this kind of quite short and simple book is to use Lulu.

Lulu is an online publishing service, that lets you publish your own books and get some income from it too. Idea is simple and powerful: Upload your text, add some information and let Lulu do the publishing and manufacturing. Afterward you can let Lulu also sell your book or acquire a ISBN number for it and sell it e.g. in Amazon. Brilliant idea!

The best thing in this idea is that it really answers some need. People really want to publish their writings. Usually it is hard, and for most people finding a publisher would be a waste of time. Lulu makes it easy, gives a way to bring yourself out in hardcover format. As Time magazine stated: The person of the year is You. And Lulu brings you available to everyone.

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